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Revival Messages by R. A. Torrey in m4b audio format for iPod and iTunes -  32kbps mono

R. A. Torrey circa 1920 Rueben. Archer. Torrey (1856-1928)  Influential American Preacher and Evangelist. Author of 40 books on prayer, evangelism and revival. He was the second President of the Moody Bible Institute and the first dean of what is now BIOLA University.

"I love to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ."- R. A. Torrey  Online Biography

Name                        Last modified      Size  Description
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 01.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  4.6M  
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 02.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  5.5M  
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 03.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  7.8M  
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 04.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  5.6M  
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 05.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  5.8M  
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 06.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  5.7M  
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 07.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  5.3M  
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 08.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  9.3M  
[SND] REVIVAL ADDRESSES 09.m4b       07-Jun-2005 01:24  8.1M  
[   ] 06-Jul-2005 00:08   55M  

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